• Aquaponics greenhouse
    The plant roots of the recently opened greenhouse of Kapan are free of soil: they freely float, are fed exclusively by fish waste, while maintaining the fish's vital functions.
  • The formula of Sergey Tantushyan's life and teaching
    Sergey Tantoushyan does not match the classical ideas of the lecturer: he is for direct contact in all respects.
  • Iveta Mukuchyan’s “Diary”
    Different life experiences, chance encounters, moments and episodes that should have become crucial. Singer Iveta Mukuchyan “appears” in Armenia at the age of 21. What was waiting for the German-born Iveta in an almost unfamiliar homeland and how does the successful singer Iveta Mukuchyan feel in Yerevan now?
  • Amulsar: State of Indifference
    This film is not about the mine operating company or the people engaged. It aims to discover how can control the exploitation of our sunsoil by preventing or minimizing human, ecological and other damages.
  • Urartu or the mystery of the supreme God of the Ararat kingdom
    Ancient world. The world, enveloped in a veil of mystery and simultaneously the period of the birth of the great civilizations: Sumer and Akkad, Egypt and Babylon, India and China. Scrupulously studying the history of these states, we are becoming increasingly convinced that the more information we have, the more questions arise.
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