10 Mar 2017

Hayk Konjoryan: Those who come to power through bribery, will support it through bribery

"So far, we have not been able to create such an electorate that will represent the interests and dreams of the people."


In the studio of the program "Paradigm" Gevorg Melikyan hosts Hayk Konjoryan, candidate from Alliance "Elk" in constituency No2. Does today's voter realize the importance of his choice and due to it the creation of a legal, democratic and stable state or, based on socio-economic problems, solves the problem of vital bread? Hayk Konjoryan emphasizes that today the voter focuses on domestic problems and considers elections as a way to solve them. Konjoryan considers it necessary to lower the idealistic concept of a stable and developed country to earth through personal contact with voters. Konjoryan trusted that the power should be reached through the elections since a power received by violence will be supported by violence.